About Edan Barak



Businessman from day one, Edan has always strived for excellence. Having attended local Ryerson University where he studied Marketing and Finance, he is curated for the world of real estate. Edan has developed several businesses from a young age which has nourished him with a sense of pride in great customer service and the know how on how to handle tough situations. Unlike many Real Estate Professionals, his career in Real Estate started out with him investing in his own properties, which has prospered into a devoted career of helping others fulfill all their real estate needs.

Edan brings a talent for digital marketing, reliability, and creativity, his strengths with technology, finance and an entrepreneurial background become a true asset to all of his clients. His focus is on providing both the highest quality of service and an unmatched experience to his clients, which will never go unnoticed. Whether it comes to buying, selling or investing, Edan has the knowhow and utmost integrity to make one of your lifelong biggest purchases a successful breeze.